My oil paintings and charcoal drawings are a way to get my message across about social and political issues. Complex issues such as abortion or differences in culture are constant and reoccurring. I feel it is necessary to create art that reflects on our society’s struggles and to not shy away from them. My art aims to help shed light on tribulations, or to show an altered point of view. I paint or draw instances that are subtle and allow for thoughts, opinions and questions to trigger. There are always new disputes arising in society, which provides me with a never ending flow of material.

My colors reflect the idea I am pursuing whether it be darker or lighter in concept to urge viewers towards an idea. Within “Seconds Gone” the darker tones and muted colors create a morose mood, to identify with the main subject, cigarettes. The realistic style I create is to reflect the real life situations and problems I am confronting. These issues are to be seen as real in my art just as they are real in life. As society matures and alters so does my art; it is a constant reflection of what is happening within the world. I hope to bring into focus the differences and issues we face instead of hiding from them, to confront them.